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Industry and Trade

The Ilm district’s commercial sector also offers a wide scope. Before 1989, the industry constituted the greatest part of the economy. And even today, the majority of the administrative district’s workforce is working in the manufacturing industry, closely followed by the trade. In the past, industrial sectors such as electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and device engineering, glass and porcelain production and its processing as well as tool engineering and suppliers for the car industry were dominating the field. And still today, those industrial sectors are the basis for building a solid infrastructure and they characterise the region’s economic image. Developing and stabilising healthy, innovative and flexible small and medium-sized enterprises is the main goal of our economic development.

Craft - that means preserving traditions and fostering constantly the process of innovation. This is what the Ilm district does successfully. Approximately 7.000 people are working in about 1.400 craft enterprises offering a wide range of different crafts. For this reason, the major part of all workers is employed in this sector.

N3-Factory in Arnstadt