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Agriculture and forestry

Within the Ilm district farmers cultivate round about 37.000 hectares of agricultural land which amounts up to 44 % of the Ilm district’s total area. The goal is to create a diversely structured agriculture, which allows people to establish new and efficient companies, to accomplish this reorganisation socially compatible just like to maintain the rural area and make it more attractive.

Today, farmers are also getting more and more important as landscape designers, particularly in the altitudes of the Thuringian Forest. Because of the poor natural conditions in these heights, farmers cannot earn their living from only agricultural production. This is why today they do not only produce but also process and sell their own products and they offer “farm holidays” as well as horse riding holidays.

Great parts of our landscape are shaped by the Thuringian Forest. About 43 % of the area in our administrative district is used by the forestry. Our main objective is preserving the forests and developing them in conformity with the objectives of nature conservation. For this reason, our forest sanctuaries are of special importance to the habitat and species conservation.

View of Frankenhain from the Diebstieg