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Industrial region at the interchange Erfurter Kreuz

The idea of a cooperation among the city of Erfurt, the Ilm district and the county of Gotha was established by their district administrators and mayors in 2007 and has been developed ever since.

The goal of this cooperation is defined by intensifying their collaboration in the fields of industry, tourism, education and further networking. This collaboration also covers joint action of the given three territorial authorities referring to cross-district strategies for the industrial region at and around the interchange Erfurter Kreuz, which is considered being one of the economic development cores of the region and the entire Free State of Thuringia.

With a glance at national and international competition, a joint concept for regional marketing has been considered as most practical and important. The topic "Regional Marketing" is part of a wide range of issues, which are currently being discussed and which should lead to a precise plan of action within the cooperation between the city of Erfurt, the Ilm district and the county of Gotha.

In October 2010 the three regional administrative bodies participated successfully under the name “Erfurter Kreuz“ in the international trade fair for commercial real estates and investment "EXPO-REAL" in Munich.

  • Industrial region interchange Erfurter Kreuz [PDF: 3 MB]
  • Living and working in the centre of Europe [PDF: 2,1 MB]

Landkreis Gotha

Landeshauptstadt Erfurt

Initiative Erfurter Kreuz

Blick aus Richtung Arnstadt auf die Industrie-Großfläche Erfurter Kreuz
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