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Wanderer am Schneekopf

Because of its varying scenery from the Thuringian Basin across the foreland up tothe heights of the Thuringian Forest and the characteristic valleys of the rivers Ilm and Gera the Ilm district offers a wide variety of hiking trails. One of the best known hiking trails is the Goethe-Wanderweg (quality path Wanderbares Deutschland) from Ilmenau across Manebach to Stützerbach which reminds of the stays of J. W. v. Goethe in this region. Germany's most popular hiking trail (Fair Tour Natur Düsseldorf 2006), the Rennsteig, crosses the district from Oberhof towards Masserberg (district of Hildburghausen). On the following pages the hiking enthusiast finds some interesting descriptions of hiking trails in the Ilm district::

  • the Rennsteig
  • the Summit Hiking Trail (Gipfelwanderweg)
  • the Doctor-Forest Trail (Doktor-Wald-Weg)
  • the Goethe-Hiking-Trail (Goethe-Wanderweg)
  • the Bach-Hiking-Trail (Bach-Wanderweg)
  • the Hiking Trail from Bach to Goethe (Wanderweg von Bach zu Goethe)
  • the Drei-Burgen-Trail (Drei-Burgen-Wanderung)
  • the Otto-Knöpfer Path (Otto-Knöpfer-Weg)
  • the IVV Long-Distance Trail (IVV-Weitwanderweg)
  • the Wurzelkurt Path (Wurzelkurtpfad)
  • the Thuringia Trail (Thüringenweg)
  • the Art Trail in Kleinbreitenbach (Kunstwanderweg)

Enjoy relaxing hours with favourable weather when walking. The Ilm district is worth to be recommended as a hiking region!

  • Officially recognised places for recreation and tourism infrastructure in the Ilm district [PDF: 570 kB]


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