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Biking tours

Fahrradfahrer vor Bohrturm am Ilmtalradwanderweg

The net of biking trails is well developed. Biking enthusiasts are invited by biking trails along the valleys of the rivers Ilm and Gera and the Rennsteig Biking Trail for discovering the scenery, the places and sights of the Ilm district. The Ilmtal Biking Trail also connects the towns of Ilmenau and Weimar while the Gera Biking Trail connects the Thuringian Forest and the district town of Erfurt.
On the following pages the biking enthusiast will find many interesting descriptions of biking trails in the Ilm district:

  • The Rennsteig Biking Trail
  • The Ilmtal Biking Trail
  • The Gera Biking Trail

As long distance biking trails these biking trails form the main net between which more connections to other long distance biking trails in Thuringia were established.
We hope you have fine weather when biking, you can relax and we would like you to recommend this biking region to your friends and acquaintances!


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