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Places of Interest

Riesenbratwurst mit Blick auf die Wachsenburg
The Ilm district offers lots of things to see and to experience in various museums, local museums, churches and castles and also interesting facts about historical characters of the German cultural history. Among them are the authentic sites of J. W. v. Goethe in Ilmenau and Stützerbach and of J. S. Bach in Arnstadt and Dornheim. An artistic and historical gem is the baroque city of dolls "Mon plaisir" in the New Palace of the district town of Arnstadt. The nickelodeon museum in Altenfeld, the brewery museum in Singen, the  first German Bratwurst-Museum (showing how to make the typical Thuringian roasted sausages) in Holzhausen, the first German Kloßpresse-Museum (showing squeezing machines for potatoes) in Großbreitenbach, the museum for steam engines in Arnstadt, the bunker museum in Allzunah, the Rennsteig museum in Neustadt am Rennsteig, the tunnel museum in Niederwillingen, the thermometer museum in Geraberg, the museum of garden gnomes in Gräfenroda - all these unique curiosities invite for a visit.


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