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Tourist accommodation and restaurants

Kickelhahnturm bei Ilmenau

In the Ilm district visitors find various accommodation facilities according to their needs. Only in the commercial sector (facilities with more than 8 beds) there are 3,800 beds available in more than 100 objects concentrating above all in the the two cultural towns of Arnstadt (district town and Bach town) and Ilmenau (university town and Goethe town) as well as in the resorts of the Rennsteig region.

There are numerous holiday appartments, houses and private rooms available, even campers find some sites in the resorts of Frankenhain (Lütsche dam), Großbreitenbach (at the outdoor pool) and in Manebach (Ilmtal). In some places you also find additional space for caravans.

In Thuringia the catering trade plays an important part for a pleasant holiday and this is what our tourist restaurants focus on. There you can enjoy Thuringian specialities such as dumplings, roasted marinated pork steak (Rostbrätel), bratwurst sausage and many more.The best known tourist restaurants in the Ilm district are in the higher areas (Kickelhahn, Alteburg, Hohe Warte, Schmücke, Riechheimer Berg) from which you have beautiful looks into the countryside.


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